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25th Annual Tour - April 29 & 30, 2017       FREE!

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2016 Farms

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Dancing Ewe Farm

#1 Dancing Ewe Farm
181 County Rte. 12, Granville
518 528 6003 or 642 8199
Luisa and Jody Somers

Welcome to Dancing Ewe Farm and our team… Here at Dancing Ewe we primarily specialize in the production of Tuscan style Pecorino, which is a raw sheep’s milk cheese. Our flock of 120 Fresian-cross ewes also produces a medium grade
fleece which can be transformed into many outerwear garments. Woolcraft demos, shearing, sheepdog demos, and lunch, by reservation only, will be available both
days. Please visit our website for a complete list of activities and for lunch reservations.

Directions to the farm: From South, take 22 north through Granville. Turn
right on Route 12A across from Rich Automotive. Take the first right onto Route 12. Go over the bridge and turn left, still on 12. 
The farm is one mile on the left.
From the north, reverse directions, i.e., left onto Route 12a past the Fire House.

Lambs at Crazy Legs Farm, Fort Edward NY

Crazy Legs Farm

#2 Crazy Legs Farm
2146 County Rte. 46,
Fort Edward
518 638 8132
Norma and Jim Glacy

Crazy Legs Farm is home to a “colorful” purebred Romney sheep flock in the rolling hills of the Fort Edward township. Our sheep enjoy a natural life grazing scenic pastures on this re-purposed farm. Seventeen ewes will lamb in March. Expect to see 24 or more frolicking lambs on your visit! We have lovely raw fleece, natural color roving, yarns, blankets, sheepskins, felted products and lambs for sale. Visit our facebook page (Crazy Legs Farm).

Directions to the farm: From Rt. 40 Argyle take West Road, bear right onto Cty Rt. 46 for 1 mile - on right.
Traveling south from Fort Edward on Rt. 4 approx. 4 miles take left onto Cary Road. At intersection of Cty. Rt 46 take right - 1/2mile on the left. Traveling north from Schuylerville on Rt 4 take right onto Cary Road. At intersection of Cty . Rt. 46 take right 1/2 mile on left.


new baby

Alpacas of Breezy Hill

#3 Alpacas of Breezy Hill Ranch
2215 County Rte. 47, W. Hebron
518 854 3680
Lisa and David Proulx

Enjoy petting/feeding alpacas & llamas, children’s activities and shearing demonstrations throughout both days. Learn about the different qualities of alpaca fiber & what to do with them. Refreshments available while you sit and enjoy the beautiful views. Store filled with clothing accessories made from alpaca, yarn, roving and the softest teddy bears & alpacas you’ll ever feel, along with hand made home décor. Come have fun with us!

Directions to the farm:
From intersection of County Rte 30 and NY Rte 22 in Salem (traffic light), go northwest on County Rte 30 through West Hebron, left on County Rte 47, and go 0.8 mi. Farm is on right across from Barkley Lake.
From Greenwich, go north on NY Rte 40, right on County Rte 49 in South Argyle, left on County Rte 48 to end, bear right on County Rte 47, and go 0.25 mi. Farm is on left across from Barkley Lake.

quarry ridge

Quarry Ridge Alpacas

#4 Quarry Ridge Alpacas
453 Quarry Rd., Salem
518 854 7008
Faith and Herb Perkins

Located on a ridge overlooking the mountains of Vermont, Quarry Ridge is home to an award-winning herd of multi-colored alpacas and our friends the llamas will be visiting again. Come interact with the animals up close and personal. We will offer activities for children and adults as well as our natural and designer hand-dyed yarns, original patterns, rovings and alpacatoys and garments. Come and enjoy the day with us!

Direcrtions From the North (Granville), take Route 22 South. Two miles before  the village of Salem, turn left on Quarry Rd. Continue 1/4 mile to  Quarry Ridge Alpacas, #453, on the right.
From the South, take Route 22 North through the village of Salem.  Turn right on Quarry Rd. immediately after the village. Continue 2  miles to Quarry Ridge Alpacas, #453, on the left.



#5 Fiber Kingdom
137 E. Broadway, Salem
518 854 7225
Sylvia Graham

Visit a working flock of colored and white angora rabbits. Two fiber arts studios/shops offer, among other articles, luxurious angora/wool yarn and a full range of fibers for hand-spinning including silk, cotton, yak, mohair, etc. Also available are supplies and equipment for spinning, weaving, felting and knitting and a selection of books, magazines, DVDs and finished fiberworks. Ongoing demonstrations both days of bunny clipping, spinning and weaving.

Directions: From intersection of NY Rte 22 and Broadway in Salem (traffic light), go east on East Broadway (Rte 153) 0.6 mi. Farm is on left.



Moments in Time

#6 Moments in Time Creations Farm
137 E. Broadway, Salem
518 854 9036
Elizabeth and David Cope

Our farm is an eclectic mix of family and friends. We raise registered Icelandic sheep and registered Blue-Faced Leicester sheep. Our sheep are raised for their fiber. We have fleeces, roving and yarn in the natural colors of the sheep and skeins are labeled with the names of the sheep. Spring lambs will be here on the farm. Come and enjoy our friends..


Angora Goats at Blind Buck Farm

Blind Buck Angora Goats

#7 Blind Buck Angora Goats
346 Blind Buck Rd., Salem
518 854 9382
Lubna Dabbagh

Welcome to Blind Buck Farm, an agricultural and educational business specializing in fine wool fiber blends from our own Angora goats and Merino sheep. We dye our yarns right on the farm. Learn about our custom fiber blends, natural and metal-free dyes, and our organic stewardship of land and livestock. We are back to the land, bringing traditional knowledge full circle by connecting people with fiber, plants and animals. A Pride of New York Farm.
DIRECTIONS TO FARM: From the traffic light in Salem, go east on Broadway .6 mi. to
Blind Buck Rd. Turn right and follow Blind Buck Rd. about 1.6 mi. to the farm on the right.

Birken Kill Farm

Birken Hill Farm

#8 Birken Hill Farm and Fiber
561 Blind Buck Rd., Salem
518 854 7032
Chris and John Hubbard

John and Chris invite you to their small, developing farm tucked up in Blind Buck Hollow.  Visit our two resident alpacas, Cruiser and Rainman, play with Maisie, our border collie, and watch our Romney sheep bounce around the pasture.  Try some dishes created from their farm-raised lamb, and come try your hand at processing wool.  Our fiber and fleeces will be available for sale, as well as a variety of products created on or inspired by our farm.

Directions to the farm: From the traffic light on Rte 22 in the village of Salem, head east on Route 153.  Turn right onto Blind Buck Road after 1/2 mile.  Follow Blind Buck Road for 2 1/2 miles,passing Blind Buck Farm on the way.  Birken Hill Farm and Fiber is on the left at 561 Blind Buck Road.


Battenkill Fibers

#9 Battenkill Carding and Spinning Mill
2532 State Rte. 40, Greenwich
518 692 2700
Mary Jeanne Packer

Free tours of a full-scale commercial mill. Watch while fiber is sorted, washed and picked. See a vintage Davis and Furber carder process roving and learn how a spinning frame makes yarn. Hands-on fiber processing activities for kids. Factory seconds available for purchase. Unique, one of a kind yarns and roving from locally-raised fiber.

From intersection of NYS Routes 29 and 40 in Greenwich (traffic circle), take Rte 40 north 1/10 mi. Mill is on the right.

St. Mary's convent

St. Mary's Cashmere

#10 St. Mary’s on-the-Hill Cashmere
575 Burton Rd., Greenwich
518 791 4142
Sister Mary Elizabeth

See the award-winning cashmere goats raised by the Anglican/Episcopalian Sisters of St. Mary at their convent in Easton/Greenwich. Watch new baby goats frolicking under the watchful eye of their moms. Meet cashmere wethers born at St. Mary’s who have been trained as a cart team. Learn about the luxurious cashmere fiber which is grown only on goats. Purchase cards, toys, cashmere and woolen items in the sales tent.

Directions to the convent:
From Greenwich: At the only traffic light in town, continue straight on Starte Road 372, over the Battenkill Bridge and under a trestle bridge.
Take a right fork onto County Road 74 (Eddy Street) for one mile.
Turn right onto Burton Road and go 0.5 miles.
Turn right into Christ the King Spiritual Life Center
Take the middle road uphill to the Convent

Alpacas of Haven Hill

haven hill


# 11 Alpacas of Haven Hill
20 Stevenson Rd., Greenwich
518 677 5111
Judy Leon

Join us for some hands-on fun with our 17 friendly alpacas and their luxurious fiber! Learn the basics of wet felting by producing a felted soap, or try your hand at simple weaving with a triangle loom. Visit our farm store to see our handmade items and
alpaca apparel, including our colorful alpaca socks. We have beautiful, 100% alpaca yarn and roving for sale, in both natural colors and our own hand-dyed shades.
Refreshments available.

Directions to the farm:
From Cambridge and east, take NY Rte 372 west, left on Stevenson Rd at base of Schoolhouse Hill, and go 2 mi. to driveway.
From Greenwich and west, take NY Rte 372 east, right on County Rte 60, go 3.3 mi. to Stevenson Rd. Turn left and look for sign.


ensign brook

#12 Ensign Brook Farm
1930 County Rte.113,
518 692 8769
Karin Kennedy

The Kennedy family invites you to experience the exceptional quality fiber and award-winning breeding stock that our county is becoming known for. Come into the Yarn Barn and shop for a nice variety of locally-produced yarns, roving, and coated Merino,
Romney and Cormo fleeces. View Adirondack watercolor paintings and prints, and other artisan goods. Saturday, we will feature shearing, hands-on-skirting, and fiber
demonstrations. Sunday, we will host several local spinners and weavers.

Direcitons to the farm:
From Schuylerville and Greenwich take NY Rte 29 to County Rte 113 (blinking light) on east side of the Hudson River, south on County Rte 113. Farm is on left.
From NY Rte 40 in Easton, take Searles Ferry Rd west, right on County Rte 113, and go less than 1 mi. Farm is on right.
From Stillwater, take NY Rte 67 east across bridge, left on County Rte 113. Farm is on right.

Elihu farm


#13 Elihu Farm
654 Beadle Hill Rd., Easton
518 753 7838
Mary and Bob Pratt

Elihu Farm is a delight for fiber artists, shepherds, and all visitors. We raise purebred white and natural-colored Romney sheep and crossbreds in lovely colors including brown wool, on mostly conserved forever farmland. Our fleeces are exceptional; our sheep strong and beautiful. This year, we’ll have new baby lambs, well prepared fleeces and washed wool, along with cuts of lamb and our freshest eggs. Spinners – Bring a wheel and join the RocDay Guild on Saturday.

Directions to the farm:
At the light in Schaghticoke, take Route 67 east for 1/4 mile; turn left onto Geary Rd and follow the signs for 3.7 mi. From Greenwich and Schuylerville, at the intersection of Routes 29 and 40, take Route 40 south. Just past Hudson River Tractor (on right), turn left onto Valley Falls Road, and follow the signs. Green barn on east side of road.

September Morning Alpacas


#14 September Morning Alpacas
30 County Route 59, Buskirk
Maryann and Dominic Giglio

The Giglio family invites you to visit our farm for an educational and very fun day.  We have some awesome alpacas with incredible fiber.  Our alpacas’ fiber is spun into the finest yarn to make clothing that is warm and durable to give you years of service.  There will be ongoing children’s activities and discussions on raising alpacas.  We will also have our luxurious alpaca yarn and clothing available in our onsite store.

From Greenwich:
South on Main St, go under the tressle, make first right onto County Route 74 for 9.4 miles, make left onto Route 59A (turns into Route 59) for 2.3 miles and turn left onto our driveway and continue 0.3 miles up hill to second house.
From Cambridge:
From village traffic light, go south on Route 22 for 5.3 miles, make right onto Route 67 West for 3.1 miles, make right onto Route 103 for 0.3 miles (over covered bridge), make left onto Route 59 and go 0.1, make right onto driveway and continue 0.3 miles up hill to second house.





Washington County Fiber Tour | 2215 County Rte 47, Salem, NY  12865 | 518-854-3680